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HTML5 is the next major release of HTML, which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is the main language used for creating web pages.

One of the aims of HTML5 is to reduce the need for website plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash, Mircrosoft Silverlight etc, by including some of the functionality which common on a lot of websites.

Functions such as video, which normally required the user to download and install a plug-in for their browser, like Flash or Apple Quicktime will be natively available in the HTML5 specification. This means a website design can include a video on their web pages almost as easily as they can include an image or text.

The key catch is HTML5 is still the proposed next standard from HTML 4.01, which means not all web browsers currently support it. Namely Microsoft Internet Explorer. Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera all have support for some HTML5 functions.

The following are examples of HTML5, you will need a Web Browser which support HTML5 to view these pages.

One of the exciting features of HTML5 is the inclusion of a client side SQL Lite database, this allows data to be saved by a web page in a local database instead of using cookies.

HTML5 Apple iOS Device Demo
HTML5 Sticky Notes - SQL Demo
HTML5 Video Demo
Canvas Demo
Offline Calendar Demo
HTML5 Forms
HTML5 New HTML code

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