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Latest News

Fake/Hacked High Capacity USB Flash Drives being sold on Trademe

I have started to notice a large number of Fake/Hacked High Capacity USB Flash Drives being listed on Trade Me.

The drives are being sold as 64GB, 128GB, 256GB or 512GB USB Flash Drives, but in fact are lower capacity drives (normally 8GB or less) which have had the firmware hacked so that they report a higher capacity. This is a big issue overseas and the drives are commonly sold on ebay and can be easily purchased via China in bulk.

The drive will report the hacked capacity in Windows, Mac OS and will function fine until they reach the true capacity. Once this happens the drives will corrupt any additional data being written to the drive.

In the past I have reported these to Trademe and they were quick to remove the listings, especially if the drive was a branded counterfeit product. I have reported several of these listing to Trademe recently and Trademe has done nothing.

To prove that these drives were fake I have purchased a 256GB USB Flash Drive from a seller on Trademe and ran diagnostic tests on the device ...
Click here to read the full article

New Zealand PC World lists ioSafe Rugged Portable in their:-
Top 40 Products of 2011

"This year, we’ve looked at a lot of rugged tech, and if you’re the kind of person who needs a hard drive that you can lug up mountains and through quagmires, the ioSafe is ideal. It’s the most difficult to destroy gadget we’ve ever tested."

www.pcworld, Top 40 Products of 2011 .

ClikOnce becomes the exclusive ioSafe Distributor for New Zealand.
ioSafe Inc. is an American Company which has developed a range of disaster proof hardware solutions for backup and storage. Their products include External Hard Disk Drives, which are fireproof, waterproof and even shockproof and crushproof hard drives.
We have launched a new division "dSafe - keeping your data safe" which specializes in providing data storage, backup and recovery solutions. Click here to go to our website

ioSafe Rugged Portable wins Gold for Best Product of 2011 in PCMag Awards

The ioSafe rugged portable external hard drive has been awarded gold for the portable storage device category in the PCMag Best Products of 2011.
PCMag said:-
"We dropped it, we prodded it, we froze it in a solid block of ice. The ioSafe Rugged Portable Solid-State Drive (SSD) still works, even when frozen to 10° F-12° C. Did I mention that the ioSafe is a solid-state drive with a USB 3.0 interface? That means it's the fastest external storage you can buy right now. It is pricey, but if you're hard on your equipment, it's worth it to keep your digital files safe."
- Joel Santo Domingo 2011 Best Products

Richard Branson - If only he had invested in an ioSafe Fireproof Hard Drive!

Airline tycoon Richard Branson lost his autobiography and 15 years worth of handwritten notes when a fire ripped through his retreat in the British Virgin Islands in August 2011.

"Everything filed on the computers there in the past few years is lost, both business-related and personal... "
Read more here

If only he had invested in an iosafe ioSafe Fireproof/Waterproof Hard Drive.

Google Apps Discontinues Support for Older Browsers

Beginning on August 1, 2011, Google Apps support for the following browsers versions will be DISCONTINUED:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5
  • Apple Safari 3
Click here for more information ...

ioSafe Rugged Portable wins Best of CES 2011 storage category.

Each year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Nevada, ioSafe take the wraps off a brand new product and subject it to extreme abuse.

In 2011 ioSafe won the CES 2011 best storage device category for the ioSafe Rugged Portable Hard Drive.
Read more about ioSafe at CES

Inland Revenue - Issue Alert re Cloud Computing - December 2010

IRD Issue Alert RA 10/02: Using cloud computing services to store business records in electronic form. "It is the Commissioner's view that only business records stored in data centres physically located in New Zealand will comply with the record keeping obligations in the Inland Revenue Acts. Taxpayers are responsible for ensuring they comply with their record keeping obligations. Therefore, taxpayers using a cloud computing service will need to be satisfied that all their business records will be stored in data centres located in New Zealand.
Read the full IRD Alert here.
Related IRD Statement: GNL-430 Retention of business records by electronic means

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9 (preview) with HTML5 Support - March 2010

Microsoft has made a preview release of Internet Explorer 9 available to the public
The Link:

Notes from Microsoft Website
"The Platform Preview is an early look at the Internet Explorer 9 platform so some features are incomplete ..."

Microsoft discontinues Microsoft Office Accounting - November 2009

Notice from Microsoft's Website - 16th November 2009
Distribution of Microsoft Office Accounting was discontinued effective November 16, 2009.
We would like to thank the many dedicated users and partners who have been enthusiastic supporters of Office Accounting over the years.

Customers who purchased a product license for Office Accounting before November 16, 2009 may continue to use Office Accounting. Product support for Office Accounting will continue in accordance with the published Microsoft product support life cycle.

Image from site:

Link to Micorsoft:
Distribution of Microsoft Office Accounting was discontinued effective November 16, 2009.
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