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Basic HTML

Bold: This text is bold

Syntax:<b>This text is bold</b>

Italics: This text is in Italics

Syntax:<i>This text is in Italics</i>

Website Link: Click here to view the ClikOnce Website

Syntax: <a href="">Click here to view the ClikOnce Website</a>

Options: target="_blank" will open the page in a new, blank window
<a href="" target="_blank">Click here to open the ClikOnce Website in a new page</a>
Click here to open the ClikOnce Website in a new page

Form, input and submit

You can use a a form with in conjunction with the input tag to allow a user to enter data into your webpage.
Your Name:
Email Address:
Vehicles Owned: Car Bike
Syntax: for above form

Div - Tag, Division or Section

The advantage of using the div tag is it allows you to create a section or area on a web page which:
can have it's own style or class and events etc
For example this section is in a div with align="center" and style="color:blue"
Syntax: <div></div>

iframe - Tag, Inline Frame

iframe allows you to include an entire web page in a sizeable frame (box)
Syntax: <iframe>src="pagename.htm" width="750px" height="300px" </iframe>

Pop Up Window

Image Pop-up Demo

Links to other useful sites on HTML

Plus2Net HMTL:
W3 Schools HTML:
HTML Colours:

Validating your HTML:
Validating your CSS:
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