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ClikOnce Limited - Specializing in developing unique software solutions and computer support.
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The History of ClikOnce Limited

Originally founded in October 1996 by Craig Robins as CWR Computer Support, specializing in Mac and PC Support and software development for small to medium businesses.

CWR Computer Support started in a spare bedroom of a 3 Bedroom house in Birkdale, on Auckland's North Shore. Craig initially built up a small client base by sending out faxes to small number of targeted potential clients. His client base quickly grew by word of mouth and in 1999, Craig employed a 2nd Craig - Craig Smith to assist with the computer support side of the business.

By now the companies client base had grown. Craig Robins was developing specialized software solutions being used by large corporate customers including: Lion Nathan, Tip Top Ice Cream Company, Sleepyhead (to name a few). While also providing software development and computer support for over 100 small to medium businesses.

On the 7th March 2000 ClikOnce Limited was incorporated and CWR Computer Support started trading as ClikOnce Limited on 1 April 2000.
In late 2000 Craig purchased the top 1.5 floors of the former Birkenhead Licensing Trust in Birkenhead on Auckland's North Shore and moved ClikOnce Limited in to what used to be the Bass Bar.

ClikOnce Offices on Auckland's North Shore

By Jan 2003 ClikOnce had four full time staff and around 200 customers.

In 2004 Craig purchased a 2nd Unit in the Birkenhead Licensing Trust building, which had separate offices and additional car parks and moved ClikOnce into it.

The company decided to focus more on software development. Only providing a complete support service for existing customers who were also using software solutions developed by ClikOnce.

The company has developed several software solutions over the past 14 years including:-
  • Total Control - a complete business management package for small to medium businesses.
  • TControl - business management package for larger businesses.
  • Software for Quilting bed mattresses for Sleepyhead
  • LLRPrice - a point of Sale Ticket writing solution for Lion Nathan.
  • Software for Building Recipes for Tip Top Ice Cream
  • Watchworks Control - software for managing Watch Repairs for Seiko.
  • Camsport Control - software for managing Sales Orders and Stock located at a 3rd Party Logistics Warehouse.
  • Horticom Control - software for managing Sales Orders and Stock located at a 3rd Party Logistics Warehouse.
  • DGM Control - a 3rd Party Logistics Warehouse Software Solution
  • Asset Control - a complete Asset Mangement Solution.
  • PSI Control - a business Mangement Solution for Tip Top Ice Cream.
  • Incentive Control - a complete Incentive Mangement Solution.
  • to name a few ...

    Incentive Control was being used to manage reward programs for a large number of corporate business, including the Telecom School Connection programme, Harvest Rewards (Mainland and partner companies), RapidRewards (3M and partner companies) and many more. It was even used to run the Microsoft Megabucks and BlazingBucks promotions.

    In December 2006 ClikOnce sold the source code and IP (intellectual property) for Incentive Control to Incentive Solutions, who have taken the software into the USA market.

    At the same time ClikOnce sold the source code for it's Asset Management System to Asset Track. The Asset Management software was being used by companies like Mainland, Nestle and Red Bull, to track the placement, repairs and maintenance for Assets located on clients sites like Fridges, Coffee Machines and Signage etc.

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